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It’s no secret Apple is no fan of the cookie. In June they shook the advertising world announcing they were updating their Safari cookie policy. Named Intelligent Tracking Prevention, the new policy officially launched in September alongside iOS11 kickstarting the era of post-cookie advertising. The update aims to limit as much as possible third-party trackers from placing cookies to capture cross-site browsing data on devices running the Apple browser.  

Since the beginning, Apple has drawn a rigid distinction between first-party and third-party, making it harder (but not impossible) for third parties to place cookies.  For years advertisers across all platforms have been exploiting loopholes to circumvent the Safari cookie policy. With the September update though, Apple has finally closed the gap. Now, all cookies expire within 24 hours unless they are a real-deal, first-party cookie. Prior to the update advertisers could access cookie data for 30 days.

The message from Apple to advertisers is clear: find another way to find your audience.

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